National Park School began life as Waimarino School on the 3rd July 1925. The opening of the school was celebrated with a fete, following the opening ceremony conducted by Sir James Gunson of Auckland.

Originally the school was housed in a one-roomed wooden building measuring 22ft x 16ft, with a corridor running up one side. Although the school had sufficient room for 30 children, it opened with only 17.

The new school was set in five acres of land provided for the purpose. The first teacher was Mrs Haggo.

The school changed its name in 1954 to National Park School when the village of Waimarino became National Park Township.

Over time, the township grew as did the school. At its height in the mid-1980’s the School had a role of more than 120. The children of timber workers, prison officers from Waikune Prison and railways staff added to the growth of the School. Since that time, the roll has slowly declined as those organisations closed and people moved away.

We affectionately like to call our great little school ‘NZ’s Top School’ this is because National Park Village is the highest urban township in New Zealand at 825 metres.  Even though our claim is based on height, we strive everyday to be the best that we can, and never settle for less.

Today, the school has a roll of 60 students, however this number increases over Term 3 each year when children and families enroll for the winter to enjoy snowsports on Mount Ruapehu.

National Park School Song

There is a place that we call home,
A place where we belong.   
With Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe,
Tongariro standing strong.

Come learn in our playground,
Where volcanoes touch the sky.
The rivers flow, the snow falls down,
Where our children learn to fly.

Reach for the mountain top,
Enjoy the journey there.
Step by step we make our way,
Our knowledge we will share.

At night when we lay down to sleep,
Our dreams fill our mind.
As darkness falls the kiwi calls,
We’re each one of a kind.

Ka awhina te katoa
Ka piki te maunga teitei

Repeat Chorus

At National Park School
We aim high
Awhi atu,
Awhi mai!
(Repeat Chant along with Chorus)

Written by Sally Middleton and Lisa Jäggi, 2015




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